Alright so I'm occasionally posting Japanese lyrics and I get a bit confused as to where should I should put the romaji and kanji lyrics.

Which one would I post under "transliteration"? I understand people generally like reading along the real words with the lyrics which would make me think to put the kanji lyrics in transliteration but I need to make sure.


evfokas     junho 7th, 2012

Right on, you may even enter katakana or hiragana as transliterations

EMZ998     junho 7th, 2012

Alright, so I feel as if I've corrected how I submit the lyrics. If someone could check out this page to make sure I'd more than appreciate it.

I will most likely submit them all in this same style. Thanks again!!

evfokas     junho 6th, 2012

When entering a new song you should use kanji
1) enter the title in this form "romaji(kanji)" then select Japanese in the language field enter the kanji lyrics and submit the song
2) when you've finished submitting the song select the link "add new translation" and enter the romaji lyrics, here you should select Transliteration in the language field so after submitting the song the site will know that this is a kanji transliteration
3) Continue entering your translation

Sciera     junho 5th, 2012

Write the kanji into the "normal" field and the romaji in the transliteration field.

People will be able to read along because you can switch between original text and transliteration also on the page of a translation.