Eliza Pirosca - Nu e greu Romanian lyrics help

I can't find the lyrics to this song anywhere. Can you please help me write the lyrics down as a first step towards an English translation?

The song can be found here:


newEgypt     agosto 12th, 2011

Here's the video with the song, lyrics, and translation:

newEgypt     agosto 11th, 2011

I resent the message as a PM.

Here's the translation:

Does it sound right?

Thanks again!

enygma474     agosto 11th, 2011

Sorry but i haven't got any email from you

newEgypt     agosto 11th, 2011

Wow! Thanks a a lot enygma474, I really like this song and therefore truly appreciate your making that effort.

BTW, I sent you an email asking for a certain permission, would you be so kind as to check your inbox? Thanks again!

enygma474     agosto 11th, 2011

you can find the lyrics here: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/Eliza-Pirosca-Nu-e-greu-lyrics.html
Try a translation, it's not very hard!

newEgypt     agosto 11th, 2011

Yes, I did search with lots of patience, dar am gasit nimic. Sad

The song isn't hard, I already know some of the verses, but there are some words that I can't recognize. I always check Google before making a post here.

aylin_22     agosto 11th, 2011

Hello! Have you already tried on www.versuri.ro ? I would like to search,but I can't for the moment Sad
Hope you'll find it !

aylin_22     agosto 11th, 2011

Hello again, I looked myself on versuri.ro and I can't find it neither...maybe by searching via Google and with a lot of patience Smile Sometimes it works...