Could someone help me to translate the frase "a bored-looking guy", or just "bored guy" or "bored man"?
I also tried to translate "man of the shadows" as "Kage no ninngen", but I'm not sure I did that right. Is my translation wrong?
I would be thankful a lot if you answer.

arhont     janeiro 10th, 2012

It was helpful, thank you a lot!

imoletta     janeiro 9th, 2012

tsumaranasou otoko no hito

"Tsumaranai" is bored, so remove the "-i" and add "-sou" to have "bored-looking".
"Otoko no hito" or just "otoko" is man. You could use "男子/danshi" instead, which is more of a 'young guy'.
If you just want "bored guy" then "しょざいない男/shozainai otoko" is okay, probably.

As for 'kage no ningen', 'ningen' means more human and man in a broad general sense.
'Kage no otoko' is maybe better but I think it sounds a little strange. Just stylistically though, grammar should be fine.

Hope some of that helps!

arhont     janeiro 6th, 2012

Thank you both, anyway.

Felice1101     janeiro 3rd, 2012

ok, all is clear now.
Sorry, I wish, I could help but don't know Japanese)

MayGoLoco     janeiro 3rd, 2012

Well Arhont wants to know the meaning of a bored looking guy/man in Japanese.

Felice1101     janeiro 3rd, 2012

it depends in what kind of a text it is used.
I'd like to see the text or a sentence to advise something.

Felice1101     janeiro 3rd, 2012

bored means annoying

MayGoLoco     janeiro 3rd, 2012

Felice1101 wrote:
bored means annoying

Those are two completely different words, they don't have the same meaning.