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Hello everyone... i very interisted learning arabic kindly please help me to translate in english

what does it mean in english:
1.ana fhmet almawdoo3
2. 2s2aly
3.ana ba2dar
4.kef kanat 3ozomeh
6.ana mfrood akoon konet m3zoom
9.bahawil atzakker
10.2alla yis3idak

:biggrin: thanks a lot ,appreciated to those who translate.

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1- I understand what it's all about.
2- Ask. (addressing a female)
3- I can. (male talking)
4- What a banquet!
5- ? (your troubles? your glasses - as in wine glasses?)
6- I am supposed to be.
7- I was invited to a banquet - or someone invited us over to their house.
8- Just kidding.
9- I am trying to remember.
10- May you find happiness.

Sounds like two persons discussing a wedding of some sort, and some guy is probably addressing the bride after the wedding.

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