I would like to know what does

Inam shomare....dele ma ham tangid

Zang nazani yehoo


Samane.zt     dezembro 19th, 2010

Oh....I got the text of " vabastat shodam " and now you can read the lyrics in English Wink

Samane.zt     dezembro 19th, 2010

You can say " Che lebase ghashangi pushidi " = " What a beautiful dress you wear"

Actually I've not heard "Ahmad Saeedi" until you told me
But I searched it in Google…..!

By the way: I don't know your name !!
Are you from England??

Lildesi91     dezembro 17th, 2010

Yeah just complimenting someones style. And friendly sayings ! Have you heard of the song vabastat shodam! I LOVE that song! But have no idea what he's saying lol if you could translate that it would be great! Its by Ahmad saeedi..he is so khoshtipppp hahaha

Samane.zt     dezembro 15th, 2010

khosh lebas or khosh ghiafe have the same meaning but you know! we use them seldom.
I think we use " trip" or "shik" in friendly ways .

compliment about what?? someone's style or sth else??

Lildesi91     dezembro 15th, 2010

haha, thank you! what's another word for handsome in farsi? besides khoshtip or saying ghashang...i need a few phrases of compliments! how do you compliment someone ?

Samane.zt     dezembro 14th, 2010

really???your learning persian!!! that's perfect Wink you made me surprise Smile
so i like to help you in this way!

here is the translation:
Thanks Amane...she/he isn't as cool as she/he said....but you know better that the guys who are from Ahvaz are cool....ha....ha...ha

OK.99% because you're from Ahvaz......ha....ha...ha

I'm from Ghanhi.so 1% is enough for me

oh. i was kidding.don't be sad

and "age dost dare dava konim?" = if he/she likes us to fight??

Lildesi91     dezembro 12th, 2010

ohhh i forgot one!

what does this mean?

age dost dare dava konim?

thank you so much for helping me! im sorry to keep asking you allt he time, but one of my very close friend speaks farsi and he is trying to teach me..but sometimes he says stuff and doesnt translate it for me thats why i have to ask you! thank you in advance!

Lildesi91     dezembro 12th, 2010

can you plaese translate this too? thanks so much

Merci ameneh..onghadram ke mige cool nist...vali khodet behtar midoni bache ahwaziya hamashon cool hastan.....ha ha ha ha

khob baba %99 bekhater ahvaze bodanetttttttttttttt..........hahahahah

Man bache ghanhi hastam hamon1% baray man kafi hastesh..

oh shokhei kardamoooooooo narahat nasheiiiiiiiiiiiiii......

Samane.zt     dezembro 2nd, 2010

Your welcome.I'll be happy to help you Wink

Lildesi91     novembro 30th, 2010

Thank you so much! Iknow that was slot in really sorry but I'm very thankful! Thanks

Lildesi91     novembro 24th, 2010

Thank you so so so so so much!

Samane.zt     novembro 23rd, 2010

Ok I will

Lildesi91     novembro 21st, 2010

Can you please translate them..I realy need to know..please please please

Samane.zt     novembro 21st, 2010

Oh Shock
They are...............a lot
Why don't you ask those friends to translate them??
They need much time to be translated Wink

Lildesi91     novembro 21st, 2010


man aromam vali ghanon man daghonam


man midonam chera

chera Meysam?to gosham bego

chera?ghazie chie to az koja midoni aslan chio migi?

bebakhshid nemitonam begam hengameh khanom.

Samane.zt     novembro 28th, 2010

I'm calm but ?????????
I know why
Meysam, Why?? Whisperer in my ear
Why?? What is the problem?? How do you know?? What are you talking about??
I'm sorry but I can't tell you MS.hengame

Hope to help you Lildesi Wink

Lildesi91     novembro 21st, 2010


man fb moshkel darm yahoo hastam

naa baba

rast mige in bache na baba yani ta in had..

fekr karde hame mikham bash harf bezanan

rast mige abbas saresh keyli shologhe..

ha baba en khalehye ma asan ye chize digas

che hastesh on ye che dige ...

abes ghalat kard namarde harfasho goosh nakon ,iran motasefaneh fb moshkel filter dareh ,man bishtar az yahoo hastam

oh to chera enghad laghar shodi khili avaz shodi topol sho baba

bebakhshid mozahem shodam kasi ke to iran moshkele filter dare khob vpn begir ba on connect besho hich moshkeli ham nadare

Samane.zt     novembro 26th, 2010

Is that child telling the truth really…?
She/He thought everyone want to be in touch with her/himself
S/He is right Abbas is really busy
No. my aunt is sth special
Abbas did wrong he isn’t a good guy don’t listen to him unfortunately fb is filtered in Iran I'm in yahoo
Wow. How thin you become!! You changed became fatter
Excuse me, someone that has problem whit site filtering so get VPN and connect with then you won't have any problem

Lildesi91     novembro 21st, 2010


in ke eshghe khalasheh , cheghad takhteh jamshid khosh gozasht jatoon khaliy bood..............

az in adam zesht tar nobod bezari.....

nagoo bekhoda delet miyad

ingar emam zadas...
...besh bego age vaght kardi ye chanta tike dige be khodesh aveizon koneh.

Samane.zt     novembro 26th, 2010

She/he likes her aunt , we had fun in Takhte jamshid. Wish you were with us…….

Didn’t you have a uglier picture to put here!!!(kidding)

Don’t tell this…

Seems he is Imam's son
Tell her/him that if she/he has free time hang some other pieces on her/himself

1375     agosto 10th, 2011

why do you translate these things do you earn money? your English is good be a teacher or s.th ! if you earn moneypost comment for me !

Lildesi91     novembro 21st, 2010


agha cina 2sal pish didimet bozgtar bodi..fekr konam kojikiyat motor savare ghabeli bodi.

salam. meysam jan.merci rastesh aalagheye ziadi be motor race daram so darmored motor daram tahghigh mikonam chon khodam daram yeki migiram va fedrasun motor savari daram sabtenam mikonam

Samane.zt     novembro 26th, 2010


Mr.Sina when I saw you two years ago you were bigger. I think that you were a good motor cycler in your childhood

Hi., Dear Meysam thanks in fact I like motor race so much and I'm researching about motor because I want to buy one and I wanna register in motor Federation

Lildesi91     novembro 21st, 2010

hey, can i have the translation for the following phrases?
sorry to bug you!

1) ke khosham omad

2) az behtarinha.

3) ok dash meysam,,chera mage tablo. rastii shomaratwoo age dost dashtii bezar bezangam

4) akhy cheghad geryeh kardam vaghan tanhayei khily sakhteh

midonam kheyli sakhte...

5) Khili khosham miyad ba taranehat hamaro khosh hal mikoni..merci

6) Khili khosham miyad ba taranehat hamaro khosh hal mikoni..merci

vali man toro mibinam bemanande salakha yani homn ghasaba..

7) damet garm..eyval dari

Cool bazam bezare az ahanga.....merci

9) hamishe ghahraman

10 ) eshlonek, ziyan eshlon sahtek eshlon ahvalek

11) manam hastam

12) shoma befarma be yade ma....

13) khoda hame arzohato baravardeh kone......inshaalah...

14) khosham omad rafigh....

15) manam khosham omad.

16) in dige cheghas damesh garme.

17) baba in karmanda kheyli yavash kar mikonan in bande khodam khaste shode.hala asabesh kharab nashe khobe.

18) baba damet garm ye 2 saale mishe on doro vara aftabi nashodim.

19 ) ‎2sali mishe nakhordam.


Samane.zt     novembro 26th, 2010

1) That I like it

2) From the best

3) Ok .Meysam…by the way if you want put your number here .i'll call you

4) Oh how much I cried being alone is really hard
I know it's hard

5) I like that you make everybody happy with your musics. thanks

6) I like that you make everybody happy with your musics. thanks
But I see you like butchers

7) Thank you .(informal)
Put some other musics like them

9) Always winner

10) ???????

11) I'm in too

12) You do it without me(i`m not here you enjoy it without me)

13) I hope that your wishes come true Amen

14) Buddy,I liked that

15) I liked that too

16) How much s/he is great!

17) These clerks work too slowly , s/he got board .hope s/he won`t get angry

18) Thank you (informal) it's been many years that we haven’t been there

19) It's been 2 years that I haven’t eat that

habibty     maio 10th, 2011

Hi I've just seen that u can translate from farsi to english......could u translate for me 3 txts pls?thank u Smile

Lildesi91     novembro 21st, 2010

Thanks. It was a convo between two friends of mine

Samane.zt     novembro 20th, 2010

it means:
hello dear Meysam. i didn't know that you had an operation on your leg. i hope you become better. take care of yourself

oh. thanks Mrs.Amaneh, my leg is making me crazy. thank god , it's better now

by the way kiss your son from me

sure.i'll do that....so it's great that you are better now

( where did you get this from????? )

Lildesi91     novembro 19th, 2010

What does this mean?

Salam meysam jon khoda bad nadeh man nmidonestam patoo amal kardei omidvaran alan behtar beshai, moragheb khodet bash.

Oh merci ameneh khanom in pahe dare kalfam mikoneh vali khodaroshokr alan kheyli Khodam.

Rasti on agha pesareto az tarafe man bebos

Hatman mibosam....khob baz ham Khobeh alan roberah hasti

Samane.zt     novembro 19th, 2010

it means:
Stupid, I'm saying it's night. go to bed

( khar means "Donkey" and it means "Stupid" too)

b2nevera     maio 28th, 2013

C'mon . at least explain that it's a friendly saying !

Lildesi91     novembro 19th, 2010

What does " khare migam shabe boro bekham" mean?

qarashmish     outubro 29th, 2010

here is the number... I miss you
don't surprise me by calling!