Song of Immortality [ Fujimi no Uta (不死身のうた) ]

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Song of Immortality

I don't own things I don't need
So far, I haven't lied to people
And there aren't any stains on my clothes either
I'm not wearing shoes with holes
These landscape paintings ran away
Because I wanted to accomplish myself
They grant wishes night after night
And each time, I atrophy
I put only joy in my bag
Did I put in sorrow too?
It's just that something is wrong with you
This painting's colors have deepened a bit
These paintings I finished that time
Are all now in black and white
I wanted to follow you anywhere
Further beyond love and hate
But this song is about how I couldn't
The rhythm disappeared and vanished
I owned things I don't need
And I have told several lies to people
There are stains on my clothes too
I'm wearing shoes full of holes by choice
I remembered these landscape paintings
Because I saw my reflection in the window
Someone whispered
Disappear and vanish in small pieces
People said all this was no good
But if you are going to smile and tell me you like that
I want you to take my future away from my temples
While something is still wrong with me
All the more if you're in a hurry
I don't wish to be immortal
All the way beyond love and hate
It's not that I want to remember forever
But now, I can't go anywhere anymore
With who will I see my last dream today?
During those days I'm bad at sorting out
Can you hear?
But after such a long time, I don't wish to be immortal
Further beyond love and hate
I wanted to follow you anywhere
But this song is about how I couldn't
This song is about how I wanted to go anywhere
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Fujimi no Uta (不死身のうた)



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citruswind5 anos 35 semanas
citruswind     julho 22nd, 2011

A really nice translation!

I just have a question about the line that reads "Dispensary and vanish in small pieces" from 粉々に消えて失くなってしまえと
Maybe you meant disappear instead of dispensary?

wingedsheep     julho 22nd, 2011

Thank you!

Yes, I meant disappear, except I mistyped it as disapear. So I used the spellcheck fuction in the rikaichan firefox plugin, but since my computer is a little slow now, and sometimes the browser window freezes, I apparently choose dispensary which was just below disappear in the contextual menu, but had no idea, so I submitted the translation anyway. I suck at explaining. ^^;

Thank your for telling me about the dispensary error! ^^

citruswind     julho 22nd, 2011

Sure! I really enjoy your translations
Don't worry, I understand what you mean XD.

wingedsheep     julho 22nd, 2011

I'm not good at writing concisely, but I guess it's all right as long as the meaning gets across. ^^;
Thank you!