Against My Will (Gegen meinen Willen)

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Against My Will

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How am I supposed to feel -
You don't look at each other anymore
And you think I don't notice
Where should I go now -
What were you thinking
Give it to me straight
Tell me why everything here is falling apart
It's wearing me out
It's against my will
It's against all reasoning
Why do you have to separate
Change your names
Our end has already arrived
And you won't say it in front of me
I hate you for doing this
Against it - I'm against it
Have you already forgotten how it used to be
Have you already burned our pictures
I'm boarding up my windows
Barring the door
You shouldn't see that I can't do this anymore
I'm not tolerating your world any longer
It's wearing me out
Save the lies -
I don't want to hear them
You don't need to promise me
The last remnants of your love
I don't want to bother you any longer
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Gegen meinen Willen

Wie soll es mir schon geh´n –
Ihr guckt euch nicht mehr an
Und ihr glaubt ich merk das nicht
Wo soll ich jetzt hin –
Was habt ihr euch gedacht
Sagt es mir jetzt in mein Gesicht
Sagt wofür das alles hier zerbricht
Es macht mich fertig