Hold me tight Corporal (Hou My Vas Korporaal)

Inglês translation

Hold me tight Corporal

Hold me tight, Corporal
I'm a child completely lost
Am I going to see my girlfriend again
when I get off the train?
Yes, indeed, Corporal
It is hard, Corporal
I play war with the best of my days
Yes yes yes, all my friends and I
Will do so, Corporal
Will not refuse although
each day is checked
One day closer to my home
Here and there, Corporal
I feel nauseous, Corporal
My old man's first camp is done
Yes yes yes, almost all his friends together, together
Eye patches bring a clean conscience
It is my duty, not my choice
Here I sit, I sit and die
It isn't my fault but I shut my mouth
(Corporal voice: Shut your mouth!)
She's my girl and her name is "Few Days"
Yes yes yes, all my friends and I together
Together, together
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, Corporal!
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Hou My Vas Korporaal

Hou my vas, korporaal
Ek’s ’n kind skoon verdwaal
Gaan ek weer my tjerrie sien
As ek van die trein afklim?


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