I Love You, OK (I Love You OK)

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I Love You, OK

I love you, ok
In this world, there is only one of you
I will give you all of my love
If I embrace you, it will become painful
In this heart of mine, I want to always be happy
I love you, ok
If I turn around, there’s a long difficult road as well
I walked supporting only you
By the window, lit up like a lamp
This heart of mine will always burn for you
I love you, ok
We came together, and I wanted to live
Even if everything in this world disappears into darkness
I love you, ok
If we stare at each other, just by that alone you should understand
The words we swore to each other are “I love you”.
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This is a nice song, I hope you like my translation. If there are any errors, contact me :3 Thanks!

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I Love You OK

Kanji :
この世界に たった一人のおまえに
俺の愛の すべてを捧げる


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EMZ998     maio 23rd, 2012

I am incredibly grateful for this translation, thank you a million times!!!

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Welcome! :3