Imitation of love (Imitatie de dragoste)

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Imitation of love

We;re meeting by inertia...
To be alike with others
But our beautiful friendship,
Babe, it doesn't have core in it... oh, yes!
Let's both admit that we look at ourselves with naked eyes...
This is an imitation of love,
A plot without need
Which brings us pain,
To pretend anymore, for what?
Normally, we need a purpose
To take us high, to give us colour.
Without it the love dies
Or it degenerates in ordinary...
Travelling because of an error
In the train of those without grace,
I felt how the feeling dies
Only kept at the surface...
And I understood since then
Its need for deep waters!
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Imitatie de dragoste

Ne intalnim din inertie...
Sa fim cu altii asemenea
Dar frumoasa noastra prietenie,
Iubito, n-are miez in ea... o, da!
Sa recunoastem amandoi ca ne privim cu ochii goi...
Aceasta e o imitatie de dragoste,
O urzeala fara trebuinta


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