My love ! (Iubite!)

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My love !

My love, twilight has appeared and the night came our way,
Slowly, silence and pain are approaching with the last regret.
My love, in the moments which are dying, the sky and a cloud have capsized ,
And during the last fall the cranes lost their way and the horizon in their flight.
My love, let's sit down slowly for our last meal together,
And I'll offer you the last glass as a present, with a flower that is dying.
My love, the sad idea that, from now on, I won't be there anymore is hurting me,
I'll be what I wasn't anymore, meaningless and useless, an a stone forgotten on the road.
My love, the boat from the past is empty and has sunk,
And the next wave has swept us to another shore, me and you.
My love, I'd ask you not to look behind you when you leave,
A tear is coming when in your footsteps, there're a lot of sunflakes, a lot of sunflakes are falling down.
My love!My love!My love!My love!
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I know it won't be as good as the French one...Maybe just because French is more beautiful Tongue
But, for example, I couldn't translate " ninsoare de soare" diffently than "sunflakes", but I know it doesn't exist ( jus t as there are no "flocons de soleil", but as it are separate words, it doesn't bother me...)

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Iubite, amurgul s-a trezit și noaptea a venit la noi,
Se-apropie încet cu ultimul regret tăcerea, durerea.
Iubite, în clipele ce pier s-a' răsturnat un cer și-un nor,
Și-n toamna ce-a venit cocorii au greșit cărarea și zarea în zbor.


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Calusarul4 anos 36 semanas
Calusarul     junho 19th, 2012

Tu sais, il y a des chansons que tu as traduit en anglais et que je n'ai pas évaluées parce que je ne les ai pas lues; car l'anglais ne m’intéresse pas trop Smile

aylin_22     junho 19th, 2012

Je sais que tu préfères le français, et c'est donc une chance pour moi que je traduis le plus souvent dans les 2 langues, ainsi je suis sure que tu en liras au moins 1 des 2...Sinon, comment saurais-je si j'ai bien compris le message Smile ?

Calusarul     junho 20th, 2012

Ouais, tes traductions ont plus de chances que celles des autres d’être évaluées Smile Tu as une bonne capacité de compréhension. Le seul problème, ce sont les messages qui sont difficiles même pour les roumains.