I am your friend [ Jas sum ti prijatel (Јас сум ти пријател) ]

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I am your friend

This day, is too cold
This fay, is a peculiar too
you're not here, but I am okay
I go back in some sad times
That for me and you are empty
We were two opposing worlds
You were crazy for having me
I was crazy for having you
It's clear to me now, where we made our mistakes
I didn't know you
I didn't know myself
I don't really know now, how far you are to me
what else can I say but -- Forgive me, I'm sorry!
I was up and down, and left and right
but now I know, I am your friend
In my world I was up and down
In my world I was left and right
In my little world, you didn't exist
I was deaf, I didn't want to hear
I was blind, I didn't want to see
I had everything, but I asked more of you
I didn't understand you
And I hurt myself
Sometimes I hear the silence
Sometimes I'm asking the silence
Sometimes for a moment, I am the silence also
that calls out to you
silence that speaks to you
I am... your friend
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Jas sum ti prijatel (Јас сум ти пријател)

Овој ден, премногу е студен
Овој ден, по малку е и чуден
овде не си ти, но сепак јас сум океј
Се враќам во некои времиња тажни
За мене и тебе проклето празни
Бевме светови спротивставени


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