I Am Alive (Je Suis En Vie)

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I Am Alive

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Tomorrow, they never know
If it’s even further or closer
We tell ourselves we have all the time*
Tomorrow we expect everything
Becoming someone or going mad
But today, I’m the one who is growing

And I like it more and more
And it hurts me less and less
As if love has made a swan dive

I am alive
And that is priceless
And can’t be sold
I am alive
I’m breathing and hoping
That you’ll be loving

Tomorrow, going into the circle
Of our planet Earth
Being a man of the world
All these screams seem so close
Tomorrow it will be too late
How can I ask for help?
With every dark idea
I know

I like it more and more
And I’m getting less and less weary
As if my soul has seized the mixture**


I’m alive

I’m breathing and hoping
That you will be loving

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Comentários do autor:

* "All the time" as in "all the time in the world"

** This was tricky for me to translate. "Mélange" literally means "mixture, blend" (it's even used in English), but sounds odd when translated literally from French to English without context. I interpret this as the singer embracing the chaos ("mixture") of the world and finally being happy.

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Je Suis En Vie

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