Música You for Me (The Wedding Song)


You for Me (The Wedding Song)

Verse 1:
It seems like forever
That I have waited for you
In a world of disappointment
One thing is true
God has blessed me
And he's blessed you too
In a world of lonely people
I've found you

Take my hand
And hold me close
And don't let me go
You for me
And me for you
Together we'll make one

Verse 2:
We were once strangers
All by ourselves
Living, living alone
With no one else
But here you are
And it's so, so sweet
God must have done this
Made you for me
And oh

Take my hand
Hold me close
Don't let go
You for me
Me for you
Together we'll make one

We were always sleeping
Under the same stars
Dreaming, dreams of love
Wondering where you are
How blessed I am
That I've found you
Now that you're here
I pray to say "I do"

(Chorus twice)

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