When All Is Over (Kad prodje sve)

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When All Is Over

The spring is turning to call me,
Two teardrops say they saw you.
I've kissed the poisonous, the sweet, the drunk
None of them ever helped me.
In the sea of drops there was one
For my mouth, but someone else drank it.
Girls go through the town,
Those wild roses don't fit into my dream.
When all is over,
When my desires slip away,
When everyone leaves,
Only you will be here.
Submetido por Ana i Nemanja em Domingo, 25/03/2012 - 10:33
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Kad prodje sve

Prolece se okrece da me pozove,
Dve suze kazu da su tebe videle.
Ljubio sma otrovne slatke pijane
Sve one nikad nisu pomogle.