Lost years


Kaybolan Yıllar


İçerimde yangın yakılır of
Küllerine cezve sokulur
Son bakışın aklıma takılır
Aklıma takılır

Ah gece gündüz susar dudaklarım
Çözmüş gemiyi, yakmış konakları
Kimseler duymaz gizlice ağlar
Sessiz sedasız

Kaybolan yıllar
Kimseler duymaz gizlice ağlar
Sessiz sedasız
Kaybolan yıllar....

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Lost years

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We have decided to leave together.

This is a river of no return...
We have to use it that
our ways allocated for different worlds.
Now our tears drop down, but no more necessary.
We self have now to try to heal our own wounds.
Now the words have no any senses more!
We lost them to gather with all our memories...
It is no more useful to remember our memories with each other!
We must leave them now
on side ...
No other choice, but to have to see the truth my friend!
If now, all the lost years would giving me back;
If now, you have been giving me for a lifetime;

If now, when I would be asked:

Tell me, do you want to re-drawing ...
I have no right to say even a single word!

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dunkelheit     setembro 24th, 2011

I guess this is not the translation of "Kaybolan Yıllar"