The dagger thrust (La Punalada)

Tradução para Inglês

The dagger thrust

Those who know, talk about
An evil man
Very stingy
And famous
Well established
In the quarters
Of Palermo
He fell one day
Tacking his shoes
On a dancing party
Where he had
Brave points
With hois knife.
They started to watch hin
With an abundant mime
But the lad, without joking
Sat down close to a door
He left them in riches
He let them talk
And in order not to fight
He had to suffer.
But the most
beautiful girl
The one who was
Most anchored
In the soul
Of the female bulls
That night
With looking
She urged him
To leave
To set them on a dock
And to play
His promotion
In a tango.
On big regret and another regret
Crossed each other
In the light
Of a kerosene lamp
And a dagger
Deviding one heart in two
Because like that it was
How that cruel woman liked it.
Those who've seen it, say
That the beauties
Snaked around
With their bodies
And looked for
Not paying attention
On the contrary
In a clear moment
Of the police
The lad of Palermo
His knife
To the handle
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La Punalada

La puñalada
Music: Pintín Castellanos
Lyric: Celedonio Flores