La Solitudine (La solitudine)

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La Solitudine

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Marco is gone and never returns
The train of 7:30 without him
It's a heart of metal without the soul
In the cold grey morning of the city
At school, the bar is empty, Marco is inside of me
His sweet breath between my thoughts
Big distance seem to divide
But the heart beats strong within' me
I wonder if you think
If you never talk
If you hide like me
Escaped the eyes and you stand
A locked room and I don't want to eat
Squeeze you tight to my pillow
Weep don't know
How much will loneliness hurt you
I have a photo of Marco in my diary
Your eyes look like a little shy child
This squeezes the heart
Among the tests of English and Mathematic
Your father and his advice
He took you away with his work
Of course your opinion has never asked
He said one day you'll understand me
I wonder if you think
If you talk with your friends
In order not to suffer more for me
But it's not easy you know
I can't go to school
And the afternoon without you
Studying is useless
Crowd on you
You can't divide
The life of us
I beg you to wait for my love
But I can't fool myself
The loneliness between us
This silence inside me
It's the fear of living
Life without you
I'm begging you to wait
I can't live without you
You can't divide
The story of us
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Laura Pausini - La Solitudine
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La solitudine

Marco se n'è andato e non ritorna più
Il treno delle 7:30 senza lui
È un cuore di metallo senza l'anima
Nel freddo del mattino grigio di città
A scuola il banco è vuoto, Marco è dentro me
È dolce il suo respiro fra i pensieri miei
Distanze enormi sembrano dividerci


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