The Bells (Les cloches)

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The Bells

The bells no longer ring
The cathedral is silent
Unfortunate Quasimodo
Quasimodo, who is in love.
He has rung the bells
For the past three days
Sad Quasimodo
Crazy Quasimodo .
[Gringoire and Frollo]:
Because he is dying of love
I ring the bells
Because these loves are my lovers
I want them to shout from the rooftops,
I want them to drum and sing.
Whether it is hail, or thunder
Or rain or shine
I want them to resonate
In joy or in torment.
They sound when you are born
They sound when you die
They sound every day, every night, every hour
They sound when you pray
They sound when you cry
They sound for the people awaken early
For the feast of Palm Sunday
For Quasimodo
For Christmas Day and All Saints Day
For the Annunciation
For the Resurrection
For Valentine's Day and Good Friday
For celebrations
And processions
Of which the finest is that called the Corpus Christi
New Year's Day, Epiphany
Easter day, days of joy
Pentecost with tongues of fire
For confirmations
And communions
The Angelus, and they will tol t te world’s end
Ascension Day
The Feast of the Assumption
For all the hosannas and all the hallelujahs.
But those that I like best
Among all these women of iron
Are the three Marys
Who are my best friends
There’s little Marie
For children put into the ground
And there, the great Mary
For sailors who go to sea
But when I ring the big Mary
For lovers who are marrying
There’s no gaiety in my heart
I would rather die
To see them so happy
To see them so happy
Me, who no woman can even bear to look in my eyes.
To see them marry
To see them off
Into the stars under the vault of heaven
I ring all the bells:
Kyrie Eleison
Hosanna, Alleluia, Dies irae dies ilia
All these bells of doom
All these bells of happiness
All these bells that have never yet come for me.
I ring the bells
That are my lovers and friends
I want them to trumpet
Esmeralda is so alive
To tell the world that Quasimodo loves Esmeralda.
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I'm not quite sure how to translate 'Sont mes amours sont mes amantes', since amours and amantes both translate as lovers in English. The idea is romantic love and a more friendly love. Terms such as 'Annunciation' and 'Resurrection' refer to Catholic feasts or special days. The term ' dies irae dies illa' is from a Latin Mass and means 'Day or Wrath and Doom', it refers to the end of the world.

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Les cloches

Les cloches ne sonnent plus
La cathédrale s'est tue
Quasimodo est malheureux
Quasimodo est amoureux
Il fait la grève des cloches


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