For Lucia (Per Lucia)

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For Lucia

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Good evening when you'll be here
You'll take off the Winter
And you'll hang it up
You'll have two arms
As big as a forest
And the calm after the storm
Find again for Lucia
The whitest sheet
And then start again
I'd like, for instance
To tie her hair
With a thread of wind
There will be for Lucia
The fullest moon
But it won't be enough
I'd like, as I keep going,
A sea of corn
To cherish her once in a while
Goodnight when you'll turn off
You'll wear the stars and you'll dream
You'll have a calm sea
Where to sail into
And silence
When you'll want to speak
For delicate Lucia
I'll be her shadow
Drawn on the street
I'd like, for instance
To open for her the doors
Which close the world
It takes few things for Lucia
She alone fills
Your emptiest day
I wish so much
To give her back a smile
On her slightly tired face
What's on the other side of the wall?
Hold your breath and then jump towards me
The rifle shots are far yet
We'll open the sky with our hands
Long live Lucia
And water from the river
For all her wounds
I want bright lights
The biggest party
Through all the town
For scared Lucia
May this pen of mine
Become a sword
With Lucia by my side
May the story keep going
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Per Lucia

Buonasera quando arriverai,
ti toglierai l'inverno
e l'appenderai,
Avrai due braccia
grandi come una foresta
e la quiete dopo la tempesta.
Per Lucia ritrovare


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