Meshta2 Kteer - Miss a lot (Meshtaa kteer)

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Meshta2 Kteer - Miss a lot

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Miss you a lot
see you again my life
this life is short
One word from you is enough
My eyes are awake
And still something to say
And a light that is on
I love you and fly
My eyes melted in your eyes
And my heart is crazy for you
And my eyelids forgot the sleep
I miss you my love
You made my life sweet
And i'm seeing you day by day
My heart is asking me about you
Please make me feel at ease about you
Please make me feel at ease about where you are
Oh you're a dream
The most precious dream of my life
The days and my memories
And in your absence, i'm tasting the pain
Miss you a lot
Should i tell you what's on my heart
Take me with you
I feel like there is someone missing
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Meshtaa kteer

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