Song To The Moon (Měsíčku Na Nebi Hlubokém)

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Song To The Moon

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'O moon high up in the deep, deep sky,
Your light sees far away regions,
You travel round wide,
Wide world peering into human dwellings
'O, moon, stand still for a moment,
Tell me, ah, tell me where is my lover!
Tell him. please, silvery moon in the sky,
That I am hugging him firmly,
That he should for at least a while
Remember his dreams!
Light up his far away place,
Tell him, ah, tell him who is here waiting!
If he is dreaming about me,
May this remembrance waken him!
O, moon, don't disappear, disappear!
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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Měsíčku Na Nebi Hlubokém

Mesiku na nebi hlubokem
Svetlo tvé daleko vidi,
Po svete bloudis sirokém,
Divas se v pribytky lidi.
Mesicku, postuj chvili
reckni mi, kde je muj mily
Rekni mu, stribmy mesicku,


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