You will remember me (Tha me thimitheis)

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You will remember me

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Remember that you will remember me
when I'll leave and when you will feel
coldness and end/finish
Then what can you say for consolation
then it will be late
Moments will come full of tears
you will cry on your own and you will say that are closed
the roads of your life
You will remember me
when you will see
how much I love you
You will remember me, you will remember me...
Remember that you will remember me
when I 'll get lost you will miss me
and you are going to search for me
then what will you find in the wilderness
then it will be late
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Tha me thimitheis

Θα με θυμηθείς, να το θυμηθείς
όταν φύγω πια κι όταν αισθανθείς παγωνιά και τέλος
Τότε τι να πεις για παρηγοριά


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