Debris [ Oskolki (Осколки) ]

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I'm not capable of loving you
I'm capable of wanting you
Being eternally with you
Lying perfectly to you
Being eternally with you
Without crossing your sight
I can't wait for you
According to others, I'm faithful to you
You love the debris
It only takes to worry a little bit
How much does it take for my soul
To give itself away to you
But what if
I felt bad again,
I know how much I always
Have fear of dreaming
And you're loving the debris
But what's all about them
Hold my hand
And welcome the dawn
Hold my hand
Hello, morning!
A note and a powder
It was wonderful, I'm sorry!
I'm not capable of loving you
That can be even simpler
I dance until the complete darkness falls
A thing you're still not capable of.
Covering the silence of waves,
Enchanting the world with beauty,
I could be better,just as a proof
And killing myself just like that!
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Oskolki (Осколки)

Я тебя не умею любить
Я тебя умею желать
Бесконечно с тобой быть,
Безупречно тебе лгать.
Бесконечно с тобой быть
Не встречаясь взглядом твоим
Я тебя не умею ждать


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