Hobo Blues Band - Ott fogsz majd sírni ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

You'll cry there, then

My heart, I've been waiting in my little room today,
He promised,that he'll come today,
For a farewell word, for a farewell kiss,
That he will give his hand here
My heart, I've been waiting in my little room today,
And instead of it, i've got a letter
Inside it only this was written: You have to get married
You know why, as well
You'll cry there, then, where nobody sees you
You'll kiss a thread of violets a hundred times,
Don't write 'it's over', because I don't believe it,
In the daytime you taunt me, but your dreams are mine.
You'll call me back, you can't stand it for a long time,
There will be time, when you'd go under the small window
That time it will be too late, I don't even think of you
My heart, I've been waiting in my little room today
I know, Miss, today-tomorrow missus,
My old, kind dear,
The fiancé is waiting...
And the beautiful novel
May never comes back
But I still feel in his little heart
Our past's song has been companying us,
And when his lover locks it on his heart
You will think of me
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Ott fogsz majd sírni

Hobo Blues Band: Maiores 2
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mezzafredda    Sábado, 25/11/2017 - 21:50

Thank you so much! What a beautiful song!