Look at me (Pogledaj me)

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Look at me

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Beautiful and young, you are good at everything
but that doesn't mean anything to me
when I feel love, I run out of habit
I never bond
I would give my own shadow up
but it always easely finds me
Look at me, look at me
can you see that I live from today to tomorrow
never enough misses
drunk nights, hung over mornings
Look at me, look at me
I'm not the hero of your story
maybe I'm wrong, may I be forgiven
look at me and forget
Like the last minute goes away
the whole life quickly passes by
everything but love fits in the hand¨
and what passes, never comes
And your old age will ask you, where your youth went
like to me, you tell her
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Pogledaj me

Lepa i mlada, u svemu dobra si
ali to mi nista ne znaci
kad osetim ljubav, bezim iz navike
nikada se ne vezujem


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