Muted Phone / Blue Nightclub (Pot-Pourri: Telefone Mudo / Boate Azul )

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Muted Phone / Blue Nightclub

I want you to cross out my name from your phonebook.
Forget my phone number, don't call me again.
Because I'm already tired of being the medicine,
which heals your boredom,
when you are not satisfied with your lovers.
I'm tired of being your clown,
doing everything you always wanted me to do.
I'm tired of healing your loneliness,
when you didn't feel happy enough.
That's why I've decided
that I'm gonna throw away my phone.
You will dial my number a lot of times,
but "muted telephone" can't receive calls.
I, lovesick,
found my medicine in the night life.
Like a night flower,
in a nightclub in Zona Sul¹.
The love pain is healed
with another love.
I came to heal this lovesickness
in the Blue Nightclub.
And the night goes,
when the glow of dawn starts to come up,
the participants of the night life
will sleep.
And the Lady of the Night
also goes away.
They closed the nightclub,
and I, alone again,
had to get out.
But, how can I get out?
If I don't even know which path should I go.
I vaguely remember that I am
in a nightclub in Zona Sul.
I drank a lot
and I can't even seem to remember
the name of that woman;
The flower of the night, in the Nightclub.
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¹ Zona Sul: is an area of the city of Rio de Janeiro located between the Tijuca Massif, the Atlantic Ocean and Guanabara Bay. It is mainly made up of neighbourhoods that are located on the Atlantic coastline, like São Conrado, Vidigal, Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana, and Leme.

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Pot-Pourri: Telefone Mudo / Boate Azul

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Português → Inglês - dowlenon1
    agosto 18th, 2012

I think tédio should be translated as "boredom" not "boringness". Boringness is what you convey, boredom is what you experience.

Is "Telefone mudo" a muted phone?

dowlenon1     agosto 18th, 2012

Hi Berliner,

Thank you for your nice suggestions. I also corrected "silent telephone" for "muted", as you said.

In the song he is ironic when he says it, because if he has thrown away his telephone, he will never again be able to receive calls.


Is there any other mistake that you noticed? I'll be happy if I can fix them. Smile Thank you!