Puff, a paper kite (Puff, en pappersdrake)

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Puff, a paper kite

Once upon a time there was a paper kite named Puff
Who was lying by the beach
He dreamt about flying to a faraway fairytale land
And then came a boy named Peter
And Puff got so happy
"Come! Play with me, and help me fly"
Puff asked him nicely
Yes, of course you may fly
High into the sky (Blue)
I'll give you speed and soon you will
Reach over the treetops
Puff, the happy kite
Is floating happily
And dances with a summer wind
Which takes a grip of his wings
"Come on, let's go
On big adventures"
Puff's yelling at Peter
As he goes up to the sky
Princes and princesses
Shall bow for us two
And the king's guard who spot us
Shall stand at attention
Yes Puff, the happy kite
Flew over the beach
He floated in the sky
To a faraway fairytale country
Puff and Peter are playing
With each other all the time
And many big adventures
They found in their fairytale country
But kites just want to fly
And boys grow up
And one day the passing of time
Put a stop to their playing
Perhaps Peter forgot about his old friend
For Puff never saw his playmate again
And Puff misses Peter
He mourns every day
The winds can't take a grip of his wings anymore
For one can't fly alone, Puff knows
And now gone is Peter
Who helped him with that
Puff, a paper kite
Is flying on the beach
He may now never fly again
In a sunny summerland
Puff, the poor kite
Is being hidden in sand
And he may never fly again
For it's autumn in the country of the fairytales
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Puff, en pappersdrake

Det var en gång en pappersdrake som hette Puff
Som låg ner' vid strand
Han drömde om att flyga till ett fjärran sagoland
Och då kom där en pojke som hette Peter
Och Puff han blev så glad
"Kom! Lek med mig, och hjälp mig flyga"
Puff så vackert bad