Girl of the region (Ragazza di periferia)

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Girl of the region

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Girl of the region,
it's just a bit you went away
you did decide it was fair to be loved no more
your hand on face seek on me a lacking force
I'd like to die immediately,
just like this,
I know it isn't fair however, it is just this,
in the dawn that's coming
there won't be a new love
my hear is hurting
a bit slower inside me,
it's a rare habit
I have spent with you all my years,
what shall I do with the phrases writte on the phone by you
we are life that gives life to the body
with this love that never dies
what am i going to do
to feel free with you
I'm going to read again,
only a message will remain
but truth is only a wound in my heart,
that will be always open
that is given by not repeated scenes
your candle to a region girl
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Ragazza di periferia

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