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Freda Sí, Rosa, suena bien. Que lastima que este grupo ya no están juntos. Me encanta como cantan.Freda26/06/2016 - 22:34
JosemarThanks! I didn't notice that. I corrected it.Josemar26/06/2016 - 22:22
azucarinhoSecond line : moments (plural, no apostrophe!)azucarinho26/06/2016 - 22:11
JosemarIs he portuguese? It's hard to understand what he's saying. Anyway, I'll try to fulfill your request. ;)Josemar26/06/2016 - 22:10
rêveuseOkay I agree that there is truth in your words!I just realised that anyway what I said has to do with my point of view of how should people be treated-I am trying to treat others in the way I would l...rêveuse26/06/2016 - 21:55
HampsicoraHai ragione, gli accenti spagnoli sono un problema con le nostre tastiere italiane. Io di solito me la cavo così: scrivo su un foglio di excel usando i caratteri speciali e poi copio-incollo. ;) ...Hampsicora26/06/2016 - 21:47
Alexander LaskavtsevI always mirror the opponent's mood. If you find a "right band" of the person, you can control this person ;) Some people cannot be managed by shouting and rudeness, only the softness and politeness w...Alexander Laskavtsev26/06/2016 - 21:46
rêveuselol,what exactly is that mental kick ?to show that you are willing to stand for yourself and they can't misuse you?rêveuse26/06/2016 - 21:41
Meri Niko
Life in Pink translation
excellent, une bonne traduction est interpréter le sens de la phrase et non pas une file de mots, merci
Meri Niko26/06/2016 - 21:37
roster 31Vale, ha habido un pequeñ cambio: Sgunda estrofa - "diferente" --> "indiferente'. Saludosroster 3126/06/2016 - 21:36
roster 31
Disillusion translation
High, lyricmaniac! Please notice that, in the second stanza, 'different' has been changed to "indifferent'.
roster 3126/06/2016 - 21:33
KoshkoiRêveuse: Just do the mental a...kick! They do not need time to be their true-selves or search for chemistry. They find it very fast after a major kick on the mental bottom-area.Koshkoi26/06/2016 - 21:33
rêveusealexander,I would say that unfortunately many times any of us can do something like that in some point.What I mean is that sometimes we might end up being harsh to people who treat us in a good way,wi...rêveuse26/06/2016 - 21:30
roster 31Tienes razón. Voy a cambiarlo. Tiene más sentido así. Y dime, el verso "El que tira a la vida romance", ¿stá bien? Gracias.roster 3126/06/2016 - 21:29
roster 31Es posible. Ecucharé otra vez. Graciasroster 3126/06/2016 - 21:25
rêveuseThat sounds very strange indeed!There have been times that i would meet people who would treat me not in the best way initially,but then -after talking or learning more about me/seeing other aspects o...rêveuse26/06/2016 - 21:19
Alexander LaskavtsevWell, it is simple... it is so simple... but I don't want to injure someone. Sorry, it is just my opinion of the Bulgarian from Ukraine: Russians respect force and brutality and treat the politeness...Alexander Laskavtsev26/06/2016 - 21:12
Araceli GarzaWonderful song. I love it! Garza26/06/2016 - 21:07
FredaHi Rosa. In the 2nd verse I hear "Ahora que soy INdiferente"...or is it just me?Freda26/06/2016 - 21:02
KoshkoiThat is what I am doing here, rêveuse! I agree. I have always known that there is something valuable. Religious, poetic, mystical, beautiful, peculiar that I want to know better. As workmates R...Koshkoi26/06/2016 - 20:58
FaryAdded.Fary26/06/2016 - 20:52
annabellannaGrazie Marco! Sei troppo gentile ;-) Dovrei rivedere gli accenti, perché a volte mi sfugge la correzione dell'accento grave di "e" (che le nostre tastiere danno di default...) Avrai capito che Pucc...annabellanna26/06/2016 - 20:51
Bob Dylanson Records Dylanson Records26/06/2016 - 20:49
rêveuseAccording to those lines ,russians are extremely interesting people!I know someone who has russian roots,I would say that at least some of the characteristics sound true!generally it is interesting to...rêveuse26/06/2016 - 20:49
KoshkoiMannerheim by the way spoke Russian truly fluently as he had lived in St Petersburg long before revolution.Koshkoi26/06/2016 - 20:48
KoshkoiI also thank Alexander!!!Koshkoi26/06/2016 - 20:45
Alexander Laskavtsevit is updated ;)Alexander Laskavtsev26/06/2016 - 20:37
rêveusethank you very much alexander!:)rêveuse26/06/2016 - 20:34
Alexander LaskavtsevSpecially for rêveuse: I don't know how to say it in Englsh, but it seems to me, that the essence of Russian soul is to bring everything to extreme, to check everything personally, to reach the bo...Alexander Laskavtsev26/06/2016 - 20:27
lingonberriesThank you so much!lingonberries26/06/2016 - 20:19
lingonberriesThanks! They look very useful.lingonberries26/06/2016 - 20:19
Alexander LaskavtsevНет, более того - я его намерен сейчас перевести полностью, ибо попросили!Alexander Laskavtsev26/06/2016 - 20:08
tanyas2882То есть моё мнение можно удалить, если кто-то сказал своё?tanyas288226/06/2016 - 20:06
Alexander Laskavtsev[quote=tanyas2882]Не знаю, как сказать это по-английски, но мне кажется, смысл русской души в том, чтобы доводить всё до...Alexander Laskavtsev26/06/2016 - 20:04
rêveusexmm,is it possible to translate that?I do not speak russian at all,I know just some words.. :(rêveuse26/06/2016 - 19:51
Tina_131) Приму все изменения! Так как запрошена проверка. 2) Если это настолько ужасно, могу попросить модератора уда...Tina_1326/06/2016 - 19:51
Valeriu RautTo Sandring. Dorogaya Nadia, I agree with you in everything you say, except the spelling of the Finnish general’s name. Correct would be : Gustaf Mannerheim. Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.or...Valeriu Raut26/06/2016 - 19:55
tanyas2882Не знаю, как сказать это по-английски, но мне кажется, смысл русской души в том, чтобы доводить всё до крайност...tanyas288226/06/2016 - 19:45
HampsicoraOttima traduzione, Anna, solo un madrelingua spagnolo potrebbe fare meglio (ammesso che capisca questo italiano d'altri tempi...) ;) Puoi cancellare il tuo commento: ho aggiunto "Lei m'intende?"Hampsicora26/06/2016 - 19:41
rêveuseProbably it is a bit irrelevant what I am going to say,but I am quite impressed by the way russians can dance.Though there are many great dancers all over the world,I find really impressive their way ...rêveuse26/06/2016 - 19:32
sandringRussians have always loved and respected Finnish people. We're Northern Folk!:)sandring26/06/2016 - 19:19
roster 31
una lluvia muy fuerte ltphrasestranslation
Tal vez sea conveniente decir que "un cántaro" es una jarra grande de barro, que las mozas solían usar para ir a buscar, y traer a casa, agua de la fuente pública, cuando no había agua corriente. ...
roster 3126/06/2016 - 19:05
sandringDear Koshkoi, if you want to understand a Russian soul, you've to understand one thing for sure. The Soviet Union had nothing to do with Russians. It was a dictatorship that put down more than 100 nat...sandring26/06/2016 - 19:04
KoshkoiAnd the President of Russia is visiting us next month. Greece and us are the two EU countries that he has paid a visit to lately. We do want to build bridges. We respect the past strongly, but as stro...Koshkoi26/06/2016 - 19:01
Mg Circle ဂါMg Circle26/06/2016 - 18:36
Дайгу МугаLyrics : Tatsuyuki Takano Music : Teiichi Okano :)Дайгу Муга26/06/2016 - 18:30
KoshkoiTo Sandring I have come a long way. I study Russian and am interested in positive sides of Russian. The negative side is not of interest to me as I do not need any TV for that. Please, let us not com...Koshkoi26/06/2016 - 18:51
and call him translation
Hi Tom, It's definitely Napulitan but it's written out a bit weird (lazy spelling?). In regards to "la" vs "a", it seems the song switches between standard Italian and Napulitan, hence "cuore" inst...
MarinaBella26/06/2016 - 17:47
Es sprach translation
Korrigiert, :)
Olcay26/06/2016 - 17:13
ZolosAlbum: AphroditeZolos26/06/2016 - 16:53
sandringThe mystery of a Russian soul? Russians: 1. Natural philosophers, deep thinkers and researchers. They never take things for granted trying to find the hidden truth. Often prefer talking about why the...sandring26/06/2016 - 16:40
draumbókCette chanson est trop lourde! Tasi pesen e gotino! Can you translate it maybe???draumbók26/06/2016 - 16:25
Patryk Trojanwell, maybePatryk Trojan26/06/2016 - 16:09
Emilie ZiegeleiSi parfois tu as du mal à avancer* si tu te sens* seul, si tu te sens* paumé. Quand la nuit s’éternise, que l’obscurité t’oppresse même désemparé, même si tu sais quelle voie suivre. N...Emilie Ziegelei26/06/2016 - 16:03
sandring1. Jamil o Lila, Jose Aguelas, Ira and Ben Seasock are still with us (naming people who passed away, the correct spelling of the last name isn't feasible) 2. Desperates in good work live on 3. Abue...sandring26/06/2016 - 15:57
elena_ekaRussian soul = "too much" everything :) too much fun, too much sadness, too much difficulties, etc. As well as the ability to make simple things complicated :)elena_eka26/06/2016 - 15:57
JoutsenpoikaJe pense que tu as tout compris. :)Joutsenpoika26/06/2016 - 15:37
miczaFor a books to learn the Polish language, please look here: - 15:13
KoshkoiWhat is the biggest difference between "other souls"? i am really interested, not fooling.Koshkoi26/06/2016 - 15:11
MarinaBella[quote=labellerose]"Tous les mêmes" is actually the only Stromae song I know because it's catchy. Françoise Hardy has "Le Temps de l'amour." It's very pretty. She also sings "Mon Amie La Rose." Such...MarinaBella26/06/2016 - 15:05
MarinaBella[quote=Fantasy]I don't think I'd be able to tell the accents from each other, because If we put the food aside, I don't know anything about Italy and Italian.[/quote] If you listen to the Sicilian ...MarinaBella26/06/2016 - 14:49
Green_SattvaCompassion, mercy, respect for parents, desire for justice, kindness, hospitality, informality, simplicity in behavior, patience Carelessness, laziness, drunkenness, bad mannersGreen_Sattva26/06/2016 - 14:39
Alexander LaskavtsevIt is hard to answer and not injure someone. I know the answer, but I'll tell nothing ::trollface:: :lol: :bigsmile:Alexander Laskavtsev26/06/2016 - 14:27
labellerose"Tous les mêmes" is actually the only Stromae song I know because it's catchy. Françoise Hardy has "Le Temps de l'amour." It's very pretty. She also sings "Mon Amie La Rose." Such a beautiful song. ...labellerose26/06/2016 - 14:19
MarinaBella[quote=Geheiligt]Stromae is not bad as a singer, but he is defintely a talented lyricist.[/quote] His lyrics are very interesting and unique but sadly there seems to have been a copyright issue...MarinaBella26/06/2016 - 14:05
Dopo te. translation
;) :party: Merci de vos commentaires :)
elfy201626/06/2016 - 13:53
liana2010Multumesc Vale pentru vot si corectie ! Eu franceza am invatat-o in scoala si liceu, dar pentru ca nu am mai folosit-o am uitat . Totusi ma mai descurc :)liana201026/06/2016 - 13:38
roster 31
Sea and sky translation
I know what you mean: we all have to do adaptations in translations to fit them into the target language. In this case, however, I was trying to tell you that, according to the original, saying "you ...
roster 3126/06/2016 - 12:54
AldefinaI guess I should be the one who should help you, but I don't have good news for you. I don't know really good sites for learning Polish. I use as a starting point and http://www.l...Aldefina26/06/2016 - 12:51
Wir kennen den Weg translation
Can you tell me more about the Hawaiian part please? I have translated this song into French, and although I searched through dictionaries and sites, I could not find every equivalent...
Geheiligt26/06/2016 - 12:42
GeheiligtI disagree though. A positive translation of this supposedly negative sentence sounds way better in French. The meaning remains the same and is more idiomatic. This is my point of view.Geheiligt26/06/2016 - 12:40
Geheiligt[quote=labellerose]Anyone interested in Edith Piaf, Stromae, Françoise Hardy?[/quote] Stromae is not bad as a singer, but he is defintely a talented lyricist.Geheiligt26/06/2016 - 12:37
roster 31Stressful translation. I must thank you. Congratulations to the author.roster 3126/06/2016 - 12:31
Patryk Trojanmy French is middle yet, but i know that "So won't you"on end of first verse that not "Alors vas tu" ,here should be negation :PPatryk Trojan26/06/2016 - 11:46
Último translation
denis55526/06/2016 - 11:45
Taj Mahal translation
Perfecto :)
Hampsicora26/06/2016 - 11:36
nikolaoskapnopoulosAlternatively, you could just listen to the lyrics video and just note them down.nikolaoskapnopoulos26/06/2016 - 11:34
denis555Videodenis55526/06/2016 - 11:48
Com pés e mãos translation
denis55526/06/2016 - 11:49
AlfocusDone :)Alfocus26/06/2016 - 11:04
Wir kennen den Weg translation
thanks guys. corrections made.
SilentRebel8326/06/2016 - 10:54
Too Far song
The dearth of punctuation marks makes translating this lyric quite problematic. I venture to suggest the following. If unacceptable I'd incorporate it in my translation anyhow: You and I under dif...
azucarinho26/06/2016 - 10:29
ZolosAlbum: The Origin of LoveZolos26/06/2016 - 09:33
mrshepburnAh, I got it. Thank you so much! :shy: 0)mrshepburn26/06/2016 - 09:23
Gotina kola translation
edited :)
eurovisionboy26/06/2016 - 09:19
sandring - 08:32
makis17Παρακαλώ!!! Θα διαφωνήσω μόνο ως προς το "έκτακτη δολοφόνος"... Θα έλεγα ότι είμαι τακτική αφού το κάνω κατ'εξακο...makis1726/06/2016 - 08:57
sandringThe lyrics don't correspond to the song at all. It's the text sung by Metallica.sandring26/06/2016 - 07:22
Gerardo Lagunescan you translate to engllishi the song bojalar gurohi nulufar??Gerardo Lagunes26/06/2016 - 07:05
Gerardo Lagunes
If one time translation
great translation!!!
Gerardo Lagunes26/06/2016 - 07:03
Gerardo Lagunes
My Better Half translation
Media naranja means half orange, but it also means my better half or the other half
Gerardo Lagunes26/06/2016 - 06:58
celalkabadayiAli kardes cok duygulu seyler yazmissin, ama yazdigin hersey siir degil unutma, bu yazdiklarin yalnizca bir insana yonelik ve baskalari okudugunda siirsel birsey bulamayabilir, yalnizca senin duygular...celalkabadayi26/06/2016 - 06:38
Fantasy[quote=MarinaBella]Okay, I have a shortened list :) Southern Italian music is certainly the best and most expressive. Many of the most famous Italian songs such as "O sole mio" and "Torna Surriento" a...Fantasy26/06/2016 - 06:32
Fantasy[quote=labellerose]Yves Montand: C'est si bon, mon pot' le gitan, j'aime t' bien plus encore :) Anyone interested in Edith Piaf, Stromae, Françoise Hardy?[/quote] Thanks for the ...Fantasy26/06/2016 - 06:25
Valeriu RautBuenos días Iri Na. Esta no es la poesía de Federico García Lorca. Es una versión para cantantes, quizás. Aquí tienes la letra original: LAS TRES HOJAS Debajo de la hoja de la verbena ...Valeriu Raut26/06/2016 - 05:38
NeZnamMerci beaucoup pour ta réponse detaillé Joutsenpoika! Je croie avoir compris comment ça marche maintenant. Alors, si je parle de "promulgation des lois budgétaires", on comprend qu'il y a un c...NeZnam26/06/2016 - 05:27
lingonberriesThank you so much! :Dlingonberries26/06/2016 - 04:50
MarinaBellaHi there, I'm also teaching myself Polish :) I find this site useful as a dictionary: And this is also good for words and phrases: - 04:46
Mon amour translation
I think you made this translation by used the first english translation ^^ there are some mistakes in that one and so I did a more correct translation. So, you may want to eddit your translation acc...
Paraphera26/06/2016 - 03:39
I fuck per translation
Oh, that makes a lot more sense. Thank you.
lingonberries26/06/2016 - 02:42
Kashtanka1965All I can say, is your knowledge of English language is very limited. Many sentences do not make any sense at all. Because I know something about both languages, I can only guess what you are trying t...Kashtanka196526/06/2016 - 02:24