Only Your Love God

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Only Your Love God

For he commanded his angels
to guard you in all your ways
on their hands they will carry you
do not let you stummble on a rock

I wandered through this world
I was aimless and hopeless
tired from my wounds
tired of all the wandering

Until your love,God
didn't touch me
Until your love,God
didn't lift me from the mud

There were no friends
there was nobody
to lend me the hand
to share my pain

Until your pains
didn't heal me
Until your light didn't
dispel all my darkness

Only your love can
make it all bloom
only your love can
turn on new lights
only your love,God

There is no such song
there are no such words
with whom I could
say my praise

Let the life,oh my God
be the praise
let my life,oh God
be the song that has no end

Chorus 2x

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