Heart [ Serdtse (Сердце) ]

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My heart asks for love
Your hear (asks) - catch it, catch it
Your arms ask for warmness
My arms ask for grass, grass (self-murder)
Wind leads a flock of birds in the sky
They lay on its (winds) palm
Ocean is endless for people
Who can't burn in water, can't sink in fire
Can't fall on snow and then lay on sand
Snow wind will blow storm will calm it
There isn't any guilt but everybody is guilty of
Moon rising up and sun setting
Stones in round, ripples in the water
Fragile ice under steel shoes
A satisfied animal is fastidious about food
Hearts' (cards) heart is full of spades
Hopelessly sick ground waits for winter
Winter will bandage its wounds
Volcanoes erupt burning tears
The planet goes around but near to orbit is the noose
Your heart will say - I love
My heart (will say) - I catch it, catch it
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Serdtse (Сердце)

Сердце мое просит любви,
сердце твое - лови, лови,лови...
руки твои просят тепла,
руки мои - стекла, стекла, стекла...
ветер в небе несет стаю птиц,
они лежат у него на ладони,


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