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Man, what's up with you
You really turn up
You show that most of the things here are not of your intereste
That you do not need to care for us
You have accepted us
You want to be the best
But the way you act here
You just simply fool yourself
Your wishes, your sorrow
Your stupid vanity
You are absolutely predictable
That it stinks to heaven
Your hypocritical faces
Your big talking
If you could see yourself this way
You would for sure pity yourself
And when you that this is "in"
That's alright, you can do this
When you say this, then you just deceive yourself, because

That's pretty clear, that's the way it works
The only that counts here is the show/appearance
But surely you know that it didn't matter
In life who or what you supported or did

So where's the crux of the matter
Or have you understood it yourself
Or do you not care that nobody believes you anymore
Yes, what could you do when you were left behind then
And whatever the costs may be - this price is too high

Submetido por Steena em Terça-feira, 30/03/2010 - 11:13
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