This Is The Second Bar (Täst’ se lähti toinen tahti)

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This Is The Second Bar

This is the second bar, this is the third one
Tulla alla laari laa ja alla laari laane
I don't fall in love with those sweethearts I don't know
If he were a stone step, I would step on him
If I had a steady sweetheart, I would hug him
In which country wanders the girl's sweetheart
Who is the one who gets to marry him
Love is like a steel wire, don't break it, sweetheart
Don't send me any sad stories
Let the sweetheart leave, perhaps the Lord looks after me
There are many boys around the world,
I make love to them
I roll them like a water with my voice
I accept generous boys, I recycle poor ones
Come to listen my singing, dear people of this village
No need to search for me around the village
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The song is made with a dialect of Karelia.

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Täst’ se lähti toinen tahti

Täst’ se lähti toinen tahti, kiännetään jo kolmii
Tulla alla laari laa ja alla laari laane
Mie en vieraan heilan kerall rakkautta solmi
Kun ois kivirappunen, niin siihen tallajaisin
Kun ois vakituinen heila, sitä halajaisin
Mitä maata kulkemass se tytön heila lienee
Kuka hänen vieressänsä vihityksi lienee