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Do you want me to make you a gift of a flock of storks flying in the sky above Russian fields
Or maybe sunshine of the alleys I will make a gift for you Verka for remembrance
Maybe you want a sunset, or no, better a sunrise, just for no reason I will make you Verka a gift
for remembrance
What happened happened, and nothing can be fixed.
My heart is light because so far we are together.
Until the waves of the river of our songs run
Until I go far from you along dusty roads
I want you to know that there is are coasts were we meet, they are with us
I want you to know that I love you, do you understand, I love you
For your beauty I will get you all the lilac from the garden as a gift for remembrance
But when things go wrong, and my soul is bandaged, in battlefields my lips wisper your name Verka.
when I touch you, most likely you will smile
Therefore my heart is light, because with is my Vera.
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Verka is a name of a beloved woman.


Verka (Верка)

Хочешь клин журавлей в небе русских полей
Или солнце аллей, подарю тебе, Верка, на память
Или хочешь закат, а нет, лучше - зарю
Просто так, наугад, подарю тебе Верка, на память.
Что прошло, то прошло, ничего не исправить
Но на сердце светло, что мы вместе пока ведь.


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