I live for her (Vivo per lei)

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I live for her

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I live for her* since you know when
The first time I met her
I don't remember how but
She came into me and she remained there
I live for her because she makes
My soul shiver violently
I live for her and she's no burden
I've always lived for her
Piercing me through or being tender
She draws, after love,
A rainbow in our bedroom
She is music and, some times,
When our hearts get too heavy
She's the only one who can help us
She's a muse who invites herself
She'll always live in me
Through a pianoforte, death is
Far away, I live for her
I live for her, day after day,
When her chords blend within me
She's my most beautiful love story
She's a fist that never hurts
I live for her, I know she makes me
Travel from city to city
Suffer a bit, but at least I'm alive
I would be lost without her
I live for her in hotels
I am sad and I call her
I live for her in the swirl
Through my voice
She expands and produces love
I live for her, I have nothing else
And I'll meet many others
Who, like me, have written on their faces
I live for her
I live for her
On a stage or against a wall
She still looks like us, you see
Even in a harsh future
I still exist, I know what for
Every day a conquesti
The protagonist will always be her
I live for her because now
I don't have any other way out
Because music, you know,
Really, I've never translated it
She is music, she has wings
She gave me the key of heaven
Which opens, at last, the sun gates
I live through her
I life for her, the music
I live for her
I life for her, she's unique, I live it
She is you and me
I live for her
I live for her
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Vivo per lei => vivo = I live
per = for and/or through
lei = her = the music

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Vivo per lei

Vivo per lei da quando sai
La prima volta l’ho incontrata,
Non mi ricordo come ma
Mi è entrata dentro e c’è restata.
Vivo per lei perché mi fa
Vibrare forte l’anima,
Vivo per lei e non è un peso.


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My rating is only for italian-->english translated part, since I don't know french.