Why can't I get enough (Warum werde ich nicht satt)

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Why can't I get enough

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What a stupid question, if this is really necessary
Well, I got 2 cars, since one is insufficient for me
Both of them fit my garage, that's reason enough for me
What else am I supposed to put into this garage next to my giant mansion?
The appliances for the swimming pool are already lying in the summer house
And the toy train is set up in the cellar
Every sunday I count my money, and it really does me good
To know how much I'm worth, and I'm high-priced at the moment
I had more luck than most people, always lived luxuriously
And whenever I wanted something dearly, I got it indeed!
Why can't I get enough?
I'm grateful for my life, drew many lessons from it
Came out of all adventures in one piece
Lots of parties and drugs, too, of course
And most of the time something was going on with the women, too
I indeed got great friends, one is taking care of (me) nicely
And in the graveyard, the best place is reserved for me
Why can't I get enough?
Why can't we get enough?
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Warum werde ich nicht satt

Was für 'ne blöde Frage, ob das wirklich nötig ist.
Ich habe halt zwei Autos, weil mir eins zu wenig ist.
Sie passen beide in meine Garage, für mich ist das Grund genug.
Was soll ich sonst in diese Garage neben meiner Riesen-Villa tun?
Die Geräte für den Swimmingpool liegen schon im Gartenhaus
und die Spielzeugeisenbahn ist im Keller aufgebaut.
Jeden Sonntag zähle ich mein Geld, und es tut mir wirklich gut,


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