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shake your booty (version in rhymes)

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we´re ready to go
pure gold we show,
about one degree our beer
(this is) slang, oh yeah
we both are stars
we rock the bars
we´re ready to come
and eyerone is screaming
heya, heya, hey
we are the party indians
on our heads an erecting feather
so let your boobs pop out of leather
we want "noodlesoup" gang-bang tonight
and rave up oh my god so wild
and they r dancing and they r shaking
up the pole, the floor they r breaking
i´m totally blown away
so wiggle and make my day
C´m o´ shake your booty,
shake your sweetest fruity
Shake your booty, booty
you are so stunning beauty
C´m o´ shake your booty,
shake your sweetest fruity
Shake your booty, booty
‘Cause what I want is you
in the club
all the girls got
really nice ornaments
only for their closest friends
spellbound by her pole dance
i don´t miss out on any chance
all the girls they go frantic
´cause i´m awesome mantic
so whats up noodlesoup (gang-bang), ho ho
all the girls are shaking, low, low
i´ve been wrapped around her finger
i´m her winner and a swinger
hop, hop,
booty slinger,
sticky finger
your booty it got feelings
not for resting but for wheelings
your booty it´s a part of you
and knows exactly what to do
your booty´s seeking motion
shake it, shake it, shake it,
your booty´s seeking motion
let it drive and make it
your booty never gets tired
your booty moves like wired
it tells me all your secrets
you need it really badly
our house will tremble madly
your booty is on fire
shake it, shake it, shake it
up the pole and higher
shake it, shake it, shake it
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not a literal translation, but quite catchy and fairly close to the original slang lyrics

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