Again, Çiçek? (Yine mi Çiçek)

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Again, Çiçek?

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Lay the table, Madam Despina
Spread out the off-white oilcloths
Pull the divan under the vine
With Sister Müzeyyen standing beside you
Are we high again? Again, Çiçek?
Thanks God
Are we fresh out of topik*?
Are we high again? Again, Çiçek?
Thanks God.
Let the rakı fill the glass.
The night is very young, the desires are waterfalls.
How about we send word to that beloved?
How about s/he comes from Bomonti
to grace us?
How about we get drunk?
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Topik is a kind of meze served alongside the raki in taverns.
Çiçek is a Turkish female name meaning "flower".

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Yine mi Çiçek

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