Wish for Carefree Love [ Yuan ai wu you (愿爱无忧) ]

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Wish for Carefree Love

The song I want to write for my love
Our eyes met, from that moment
On a morning with love, to be God's children
Until we wake up together tomorrow
Have no doubt, misty eyes
Have no doubt, intoxicating promises
This strange meeting, say goodbye
Goodbye, we'll each reminisce on yesterday
Wish for carefree love (x4)
What I need seems to have arrived
The tears dry so miraculously
Insipid performances, extravagant appearances
Only because no-one can replace
The devil can no longer contain himself
The devil will begin to dance
So speedily, forget it baby
A Marley song echoes by the ears
Wish for carefree love (x4)
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Yuan ai wu you (愿爱无忧)

四目相对 从那一刻
在有爱的早上 当神的孩子
不要怀疑 朦胧的双眼
不要怀疑 心醉的誓言
这奇怪的见面 拜拜说再见


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