Angry at my sweetheart (Zanguei-me com meu amor)

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Angry at my sweetheart

I got angry at my sweetheart
I had not seen him during that entire day
On that same night, I could sing much better
the fado of the Mouraria
A whisper of longing came
And kissed me from hour to hour
Wishing to feel more at ease,
I told the longing to leave
In the morning, with regret,
I remembered what I did and begun to cry
Anyone who has ever lost one great love
Should never be allowed to sing
Returning to our nest,
He, who barely knows how to whistle,
Wistled softly to my ears
the fado of the Mouraria
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Zanguei-me com meu amor

Zanguei-me com meu amor
Não o vi em todo o dia
Á noite cantei melhor
O fado da Mouraria
O sopro duma saudade
Vinha beijar-me hora a hora
P’ra ficar mais à vontade


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