Know My Darling [ Znay Moya Mila (Знай моя мила) ]

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Know My Darling

Sweet wild honey, swift flight of the road
Blood rushing through my heart - could it be love?
But your sad soul refuses to see the sun and the wonders of this world
And the ice won't melt
Know, my darling, know, my love
Sooner or later your soul will be warmed by love
Like the sun comes with a new day, into the sadness of your eyes
Look, the spring has come! and the string is ringing
With silver and gold, disturbing sweet dream
And the stars above Dnipro river are twinkling
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Znay Moya Mila (Знай моя мила)

Солодкий дикий мед, дороги стрімкий лет,
В серці вирує кров - може то Любов?
Але сумна душа бачити не бажа сонця і дивний світ,
І не тане лід.
Знай, моя мила, знай, моя кохана -
Душу зігріє любов, пізно чи рано.


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