My jasmine* [ Yasemí mou (Γιασεμί μου) ]

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My jasmine*

This jasmine outside your door
My jasmine
I came to prune it
Oh, my love
And your mother thought that
My jasmine
I came to steal* you
Oh, my love
This jasmine outside your door
My jasmine
Has a great smell in the walkers
and its much smell
My jasmine
Makes passer-bies stay there like slaves
Oh, my love
Postat de indiespyllak la Sâmbătă, 11/08/2012 - 21:43
Comentariile autorului:

*My jasmine = It's a way of sweet calling a beloved person
** steal you = in the past decades couples who weren't allowed by parents to be together used to be "stolen". That means that the boy was going to the girl's house and was taking without her parents' permission (if they didn't want them to be together). So it's not a literal "stealing".

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Yasemí mou (Γιασεμί μου)

Το γιασεμί στην πόρτα σου
γιασεμί μου
ήρθα να το κλαδέψω
ωχ γιαβρί μου

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