The dark earth (Тъмна Земя)

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The dark earth

Are you awake in the night,
when nightmares await
with their black car
to drive into your parking spot?
If so, you must stand up
and scream through your window.
In the dark earth,
where there isn't any light,
and in the dark sea -
I'm not looking for any tenderness...
I do not believe in you
and I don't believe in you
All I am doing is just looking at myself
in pure eternity.
And over this square, absorbed with shame,
there are painters drawing.
I've already passed by this square [ and I know now ] -
they are blind, because they are ashamed.
Wave this black flag,
on which it is written without words:
Oh, I have so much dirt
in my soul!
I do not want, I cannot, I do not know.
I cannot, I do not know, I do not want.
I couldn't care less for your shame!
Please, understand - I do not want!
I do not even believe,
that there would be a time when I would be able to want.
Dark. Into the dark.
I am playing the "life"-game into the dark.
I have
in myself
my own vertigo.
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Comentariile autorului:

„световъртене“ ( svetovyrtene ) could be translated as < vertigo > but it could be translated as < the ability for the world to go arounds.> as well. It's a sort of a word game.

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Тъмна Земя

Будна ли си през нощта,
когато кошмарите чакат,
с черната си кола
да влязат във твоя паркинг?
Тогава стани
и през прозореца викай.
В тъмна земя
без светлини,

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