Make My Passion Grow [ Zeedeni Ishqan (زيديني عشقاً) ]

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Make My Passion Grow

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Make my passion grow
Oh most beautiful fit of madness
Drown me milady the sea is calling me
Kill me for perhaps if death kills me it will revitalize me
Oh sweetest of the universe's women love me
Oh you who I loved until it burned, love me
Oh you who I loved until it burned, love me
If you wanted a place to stay I will house you in the light of my eyes
Your love is my map, the world's map no long concerns me
I am it's oldest city of sadness, and my wound is hieroglyphics
My pain extends like a flock of birds from Baghdad to China
Make my passion grow
Oh beautiful fit of madness
Sparrow of my heart my April
Oh sand of the sea and soul of my soul
Oh jungles of olives
Oh taste of ice and taste of fire
And flavor of my doubt and my belief
I feel scared of the unknown so strengthen me
I'm scared of the darkness so hold me
I feel cold so cover me and sing near me sing for me
For I have searched since the beginning of the universe for a country for my forehead
For the love of a women to take me to the edge of the sun and throw me
Make my love grow
Oh most beautiful fit of madness
Light of my life my fan my lamp my vineyard
Give me a bridge made of the scent of orange
And put me in the darkness of your hair like a comb and forget me
On your behalf I freed my lament and left history behind me
And scratched out my birth certificate and cut up all my arteries
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Zeedeni Ishqan (زيديني عشقاً)

زيديني عشقا زيديني
يااحلى نوبات جنوني زيديني
زيديني غرقا ياسيدتي ان البحر يناديني
زيديني موتا عل الموت اذا يقتلني يحييني
يااحلى امرأه بين نساء الكون احبيني
يامن احببتك حتى احترق الحب احبيني
يامن احببتك حتى احترق الحب احبيني

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Lyrics by: Nizar Qabbani

The song is in Formal Arabic (Classical Arabic) = MSA