I liked her (3agibtiny)

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I liked her

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i dont want someone to waste my time with
who i want is a lover, i dont leave her neither she leaves me
i liked her and saw that she liked me
looking at each other but we haven't spoken
i taught about going anf talking to her or leaving her
i said no
I said i'll leave it to the destiny, if there is fate between us
then i'll meet her again ,and either i get to know her or i don't
becuase she's not the first one i meet
and see that i like her
the problem is not in me,it's in my heart
i wish it can bring me
after seeing her for two days i felt abnormally
something telling me "don't you let go this chance this time"
and we talked and i wish we haven't
she turned out to be not what i wished for,she's empty in the inside
Postat de pinar85 la Vineri, 01/01/2010 - 00:00


انا مش عايز واحدة اضيع وقتي معاها
اللي عايزها حبيبة لاسيبها ولا تسيبني
عجبتني وشوفت ان عجبها
عيني في عينها وماتكلمناش
فكرت اروح واكلمها ولا اسيبها
انا قولت بلاش
انا قولت اسيبها بظروفها لو لينا نصيب
هقابلها تاني ويا اعرفها ويا معرفهاش

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