Thank u [ Blagodarya ti (Благодаря ти) ]

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Thank u

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U've given me so much love
that is enough for a whole life
Every success of mine I owe to u,mum
How to return the favour to u for this?
U taught me to fight in life
and not to beg anyone for pity
U taught me to guard my heart
from malice and hatred
U taught me to believe in my dreams
u taught me how to win
U only didn't prepare me
for losing u,mum..
i know ur here,always beside me
I bear u in my heart,night and day
and u give me the strength to go along the way
how to return the favour to u for this?
Postat de Guest la Vineri, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Blagodarya ti (Благодаря ти)

олкова любов дала си ми ти ,
че за цял един живот стига ми
Всеки мой успех ,на тебе мамо аз дължа
Как да ти благодаря , за това ?
Научи ме в живота да се боря
и никога за милост да не моля
Научи ме сърцето ми да пазя

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