Alma Hambrienta (Falling on my knees)

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Alma Hambrienta

Hambriento vengo a Ti, se que me saciaras
Quebrantado corro a Ti, se que me abrazaras
Espero por Ti, espero por Ti
Me arrodillo ante Ti,
Me ofrezco todo a Ti,
Mi corazon late solo por Ti
Quebrantado corro a Ti, se que me abrazaras
Fatigado pero se que me restauraras
Postat de Hannah la Marţi, 02/12/2008 - 15:19
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Falling on my knees

Your love is greater than everything in life
The Maker and Healer on high
I will always love You
I will always praise You
Lord, in Your name I'll delight
You brought me from darkness to light
Your ways are perfect

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