Oh City of Love (Madinat al-7ob)

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Oh City of Love

Oh City of Love
I walk within your streets
Beholding love wrapped in shrouds
How will the torture afflicted on us be retaliated,
فلا شهود على تعذيب سجانى//fala shohood 3ala ta3dhib
اااااااااه اااااااه اااااااااه
i came back home walking on my flames
hand to hand driving the sins of my deprivation
is there a responder?
i'm waiting by the door
is there a responder?
i'm waiting by the door
i'm not holding roses
لا احمل الوردla a7milou al warda
Holding no bunch of roses
i'm not holding roses
احمل طوق احزانى//a7milou daw9a a7zani
But rather my accumulated grief
she left
ذهبت مع الريح//dhahabat ma3a ri7
فصحو يا مدللها//fas7oo ya modaliliha
(sober up//wake up oh the one that pampared her)
To others she belongs now
She’s gone
My eyes, my lips, my nerves, my mind(my blood)
All seek her within my hugs
they turned the furniture up side down and gathered around her picture
make a demonstration like population behind bars
we want her today to be our candle our beloved
And clamored around her image
We want her back now
And our beloved
no resting ,no sleeping,rebellion in rebellion(we didn't stop the rebellion)
No sleeping
oh people ,my body my emotions,my body my emotions
My flesh and emotions
كفا ملاما فجلد الذات ادمانى//kafa malaman fa jildou adhata admani
How painful are the pangs of self-reproach?
stop blaming , sel-flagellating made me bleed
I slapped my face wondering
اهذا يا زمان انا انا انا انا انا انا//ahadah yazamnou ana
Is this really me?
اذلنى الحب اخرسنى واعمانى//adhallani el hobbou akharsani wa a3mani
Loss oft he beloved humiliated me, muted me and blinded me
After seperation
No patience is left to comfort me
After seperation
No patience is left to comfort me
In the wakeful dawn
I walk like a drunk
the night scares me
the souvenir tortures me
ah tortures me
the approach fought my memories and abandoned me
And tormened by memories
I slapped my face wondering
Is this really me?
the love humuliated me,made me loss,blinded me
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Madinat al-7ob

مدينه الحب//madinatu al hob
امشى فى شوارعكى//amshi fi shawari3iki
ونار الحب محمولا بأكفانى//wa nar el hobbi mahmoolan bi akfani
صبوا العذاب كما شئتم على جسدى//sabbou el 3adhaba kama she'tom 3ala jasadi
(pour the gloom as you like on my body)
If all the witnesses are muzzled by criminals?(there are no witnesses on the torturing of my jailer)
رجعت للدار امشى فوق نيرانى//raja3tou li dari amshi faw9a nirani
كفا لكفا يقود خطايا حرمانى//kaffan li kafin ya9oodo khatay hermani

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