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I have to say that you are pretty as hell (you are very pretty)
But I feel I must keep a certain distance.
Because around her neck she wears Fatimas Hand.

north africa libanon iraq dubai palestain
They have it all there, so
sweet dark hair brown eyes yeah she is so beautiful when she
moves to the melody

so complete, may I (have a dance) come step 1 2 so right
but I know of respect how it works
unfortunately, have to go so see you around

always that happy
beatiful like my city
which taken from the story and a night
a real arab hot (kattig means like, cat, sweet as a cat) as naja karam ( a arabic singer)

with henna (like some arabic painting) on her hands and black harkos(?)
smells jasmine, with a touch of a rose
goes out with her girl friends
can we dance together to george wassouf

always smiles with a twinkle (a flash) in the eye
doesn't let anybody to even try ( yeah)
but (she) will always be the sweet one

so up with a finger in the air
everybody got a beautiful woman that we have sometime got stick to
but in but (?) it's time to honour them now
the woman in your life mahlea so beautiful

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